What is Rule of Thirds?

As a photographer the composition of any image is a key, it defines and describes your art and message.­ What kind of photographer would you be if your compositions do no appease the eyes of the viewer, it is therefore important you understand basic rules in order to create a sense of balance to please the eyes and then of course you break these rules.

In basic images we might tend to place the subject centrally, of course there is a place for this in photography but most of the time it leaves the image as just another random image or a mugshot, nothing fantastic to talk about. This is where rule of thirds comes into play; it was discovered and used by the early Greeks for centuries in arts and paintings. The concept behind it is placing the subject away from the centre of image.

Photocredits: Photographed by KND Media

How to Apply Rule of Thirds

Photographers imagine that the image is divided into a 9 part grid by 2 horizontal and vertical lines and the subject is placed either directly at the first horizontal line or somewhat close to this same line. The placement of the key subject is important to the overall composition of the image as it allows a creative use of the Negative space. In some DSLR cameras you have the option of using the grid lines over your image in preview mode. For a start this can help with the placement of the subject but note that with or without the grid lines, practising shooting images using this technique regularly would enhance your skills and you will know when and when not to use it by mere looking at the surrounding. Another way of applying rule of thirds is by cropping the originally centred image on editing softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. This is basic and straight to the point, if you have seen that using a rule of third will further enhance the composition simply crop the image

Photocredits: Photographed by KND Media

Imaginary grid line showing the positioning in Rule of Thirds

Photocredits: Photographed by KND Media

The knowledge of rule of thirds should be one of the tricks in your magic box and should be used only when demanded, it is not an escape route from being creative, and its purpose is just to give a natural feel to your image. There are some scenarios where using it will completely damage the composition of the image, keep practising and you will naturally know these instances.

Images with rule of thirds built into the composition generally tend to have a natural feel to them and appear visually balanced. Try it out today

Image breaking the Rule of Thirds

Photocredits: Photographed by KND Media

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