My Country●My Culture●My Pride🌻

September 16, 2017



I am a great country,
Born out of the shackles of slavery,
Released into freedom on October 1, 1960,
Many often ask why I am called the "GIANT OF AFRICA"
But trust me E no easy,
I am a living survivor of a great and deadly war between 1967 to 1970,
Abeg 3 years no be beans,
I am a source of habitation to about 188million people on earth, making me the 7th most populous country in the world
I am a body which has 3 parts sub - divided into over 500 parts with those parts speaking different languages each.
I am a producer of major crops such as rice, beans, coffee which many countries depend on for their food supply,
I am place consisting of amazing tourist attractions.

Yes, I know, 
I am a very dynamic country,



But with all my good qualities, I need prayers,
Prayers to overcome the bad qualities.
How will a great country be affected by the pest of corruption,
Most times nature is never in my favour because of how much I have grieved it.
My population reduces day by day because of the punishments nature has given me.

I am desperate for when my inhabitants will help me heal,
No longer beg countries for help,
When my inhabitants speak no evil of me.



I am desperate for when made laws will be made and obeyed,
Declarations made would be acknowledged.
I am desperate for when roads will be smooth,
Worth putting expensive cars on.
I am desperate for when there will be no fear,
With peace being the order of the day.
I am desperate for when I will have established refineries,
Putting an end to importing things I have already.
I am desperate for when no lives will be found on the road, each inhabitant having a secure home.
I am desperate for when no life eats from the trash again,
Providing 3 square meals for each life.
I am desperate for when there will be no queues in filling stations .


In all these I always remember,
I have conquered them before and I can most definitely do it again.
I am worth celebrating,
So celebrate me, because in all I will definitely Conquer.

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