STYLE PROFILE: Ruberyln And An Exclusive Look At Her Orange Is The New Black Collection.

Ruberyln is a haute couture fashion designer from Ekiti state with a strong vision in fashion to renovate persons, making them look simple but classy. A passion to make her clients look spectacular and trust me you can never go wrong with a ruberyln couture outfit. Her love for black has had a great effect on her past and present collection, many might ask why "Orange Is The New Black"(I doubt she watches the series sef ) but she uniquely merged her love for black with her new love for orange. One major thing i really love about Ruberyln is that you can never find a decoy of any of her designs #OneWomanOneDesign and that touch of black on all her outfits is just legit.

Her major collections so far are BLAQUE(2014), RUBERYLN'S ULTIMATE(2015), RUBERYLN ELEGANZA(2016), ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK(2017) and all these collections were majorly inspired by GOD.

Ruberyln is truly a young woman with lots of achievements such as, First runner up for the redefinition competition(2015), One of the top ten entrepreneurs in Covenant University as said by Dynamix magazine(2015), Nominated by Nigerian Teens Choice Awards as Fashion Designer of the year(2016) and Nominated by Nominated by Nigerian Teens Choice Awards as Fashion Stylist of the year (2017).

This collection which is exclusively made up of flared-wrapped pants, a 2 way jacket (ankara and a plain color) and ankara shorts with a touch of her love for orange and black. Ruberyln has a motto which says "SIMPLICITY IS CLASSY"like her dad will always say SIMPLICITY is key.

Ruberyln is a KND Fashion Designer and her collections are a must have. You can download the lookbook from here


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