1)Who is kelz? Ans:- Kelz is a boy. 😂

2)What's the meaning of kelz? Ans:- Well, i dont think Kelz should have a meaning, its my name, or nickname turned name.

3)Why did you choose photography? Ans:- I dont know why, honestly, i was just drawn to the beauty of it.

4)When did you start photography? Ans:- . I started taking pictures in my ss3, with one of those little vacation cams. I always loved wallpapers of flowers and their petals and the likes, so i took a picture of one of the flowers in my house and i loved it!!!!! i kept editing and editing it. I was using Google's Picasa then and I so enjoyed it.

5)What's the greatest challenge in being a photographer? Ans:- The greatest challenge as a photographer i would say is being different and standing out amongst the thousands of photographers emerging everyday.

6)What are your accomplishments so far? Ans:- I havent counted my accomplishments oo, I think i should start doing that. however, if i would count anything as my accomplishment, it would be the Phtography of KND Media The height we have attained and the quality of our photography, by God's grace, is my greatest accomplishment so far. 7)Who is your favourite photographer and why? Ans:- I do not have one favourite photographer, i just cant, i have a couple mentor photographers that have shaped me to where i am now; Mr. Chinedu Nwabudike, Ty Bello, Sue Bryce, Lindsay Adler, AEC Studios, they are too many. They all helped in boosting my creativity, teaching/showing me the ropes, giving me inspiration and motivation.

8)What or who are your major inspirations? Ans:- TY Bello, inspiration Number 1!! That woman is fire!! I have a couple of other inspirations, as stated above, but i would love to include one Maester, Gregory Crewdson, His works are too inspirational.

9)What's your favourite camera/lens and why? Ans:- My favourite camera is my Canon t5i, that baby has been with me since day one, you wont find any baby girl that loyal, through the thick and thin, the sun, rain, fire, snow, hates and praises, She has been with me all through it doesnt mean i dont have my eyes on some beauties oo, its allowed to have crushes, Mark IV, 5DS R, their just too beautiful to behold. FOr lenses, my 75-300mm EF f/4.5 has been my favourite, all day, all weather, its been the go to lens. But i wish to have others, like the super wide 16mm lens, its just too wide, lol, conventional lenses like the 24-70mm and the 70-200mm lenses.

10)Where do you see yourself in the next 4-5yrs? Ans:- I see myself beating Sir Charles and Sir Nuga to the KND Towers (for work, obviously) in my Range Rover Vela, as his Camaro eats my Dust.

11)How do you balance ur work life with ur academic and social life? Ans:- How do i balance work and school? simple, school at day, work at night, sleep for max two hours. Social life? nah, no social life for me, they always say the same thing, "You never make time for me, If only you made half the time you make for photography for me, we would have worked


12)If you have one piece of advice to give an upcoming photographer what would it be? Ans:- Give your life to Christ!!! haha, honestly tho, keep learning, never boast on what you know, our world keeps changing and developing every time, theres always something new out there, keep learning, keep improving yourself, and DO NOT BE PROUD. It Kills

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