Exclusive Interview With Tosin Akinbo✏

1.Who is Tosin Akinbo PR ? Basically some people call me a PR but that isn't exactly what I do. I accepted that "PR" name because that is what people used to know some digital marketers as. I'm a digital marketer but my area of strength under the digital marketing umbrella is social media. I can be addressed as a social media strategist and consultant.

2.How did you start up? Lol. I started in my fresher year when I was in cu, I was always on twitter and I use to make too much blunders.. My room mates told me to delete my account that the social media space wasn't meant for me *some consult me now and some have paid for my services in the past*. I went into blogging and it was getting desired traffic as at then but I wasn't consistent because I couldn't do without twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Who knew we were walking into something big. Now I've channeled my focus and here we are today. "Still learning".

3.How has your personality affected your business? One thing I battled with all my life was listening to what people had to say to me always, I could get easily weighed down by negative comments, reminiscing on old times and I remember when we used call us famzers, But I've learnt to overcome it. I also never liked hurting people, so whenever I got an offer I never turned them down which is part of the things that has brought me this far "referrals". But now when I say no to offers, people think I'm proud but the truth is that I'm learning and can't do all.

4. What's the difference between you and other PRs? lol I'm not in a competition with anyone because the sky is enough to accommodate many eagles. I'd say I'm a pragmatist, I like learning practically and implementing to see if it's worth it or not and I'll never stop networking till I die. Above all it is God that knows how he differentiates us.

5. What are your thoughts on the media industry in Nigeria? The media industry is doing great but I just feel some minor things should be addressed. I don't want to say much about this ✌🏿.

6. Who are your mentors? I don't believe in mentorship. I believe I can learn from different sources and gain a lot to proffer solutions to problems. But if I'm going to say I have people I learn from I'll mention in no particular order. Dr Olumuyiwa Oludayo Japheth Omojuwa Leye Makajuola Seunmac Olufemi Oguntamu "Penzaar" Pastor Bolaji Idowu Ademola Adetona Fiyin Gambo Kalio Sotonye

7. What project's have you worked on in recent times? I've worked on various projects recently that I can't fully recall. But if I may mention. College week covenant university And1 Africa The get involved concert Playing excellent soccer Cidanes listening party Laugh out stress with Holyswagger Currently on #ChillnChow And a couple others that I can't remember at the moment.

8. How do you combine your personal life and business life? I feel when you know what you want, you go for it. Juggling the two was a serious task, but God helped me realized how best to manage both and gradually will get totally used to it.

9. What motivated you to start workshop classes? I usually get a lot of people asking me questions regularly and telling me they want to do what I do. I also get clients that just want me to consult for them and tell them how best to get a direct relationship with their target audience via social media. Since I know I'm a continuous learner, I decided to put everyone together and give them the knowledge I have on things they ask at a time and when I realized some brands/people were sending thank you messages on how it helped and all, I decided to continue and it's been an awesome experience.

10. Where do you see your business in years to come? I believe my business will be the number 1 go to brand in the digital space for digital solutions. I also see my business as a platform that inspires and teach people to believe in themselves again and achieve whatever they wants. Lastly; you can be educated via school but what knowledge have you gained that can impact the world?

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