The importance of generation photography involves the capturing of loved one's of the older years or generation. Generation photograph is not just a portrait but a legacy of loved one's. Life is transient and filled with beautiful memories both good and bad. Life is a journey building us slowly and teaching us lessons along the way.

We travel and meet new people and build friendship and love. But life as it is comes and inevitably we loose our loved one's and people closet to us. In this era of technology people get disconnected more than ever before. But printed works of art like photographs keep us connected in a way that "swipe of the hand technology" doesn't dream of achieving. Photographs are endless and timeless tangible representation of moments gone Having lost someone you see a printed photograph, you can reach out and caress such picture or memory like the families of the victims of the Manchester attack.

They hold a physical representation of those we are no longer able to touch and are brought back by countless memories. A representation of real moment in time of breakdown and despair. Not many know there end like my grandmother who died recently due to internal bleeding and had series of seizure. She has greatly impacted the lives of those around her and will be remembered through her happy and fun moments taken through photographs. My grandmother left behind a generational legacy for her children, grand children and great grand children.

This pictures can be passed down generational lines with stories of how wonderful She was. This is one of the important reasons of printing photographs of family so as to remember that memory and that specific moment of time. Don't let pictures waste away in a usb, flash drive or hard disk lets print them out and let us connect with our loved one's by putting them in albums and flipping through countless and limitless memories and share with our children.

I urge you to start a generational legacy, one photograph at a time, one print at a time.


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