The Cool-Fm experience

Hello Everyone, This post is a summary of the awesome time we had with Cool Fm OAP Sandra Ezekwesili The shoot was scheduled to hold on 19th Monday December 2016 and we partnered with Fashion Players Dynasty for Styling and Make up and also Omaang for the Majestic dress. First of all we went to check out the location for the shoot on Friday 16th December 2016, which was on the roof top of Cool-fm Complex Phc.

On the day of the main shoot the make up and styling from the FPD team was very lit and also the amazing dresses from Omaang The shoot started around 5pm, we were avoiding the intense Sun, Phc sun is very unfriendly especially when you are on the roof top Our equipment for the shoot included; Canon 60D Canon t5i 75mm-300mm lens 18mm-135mm lens 18mm-55mm lens 70cm*70cm Softbox Speedlite and triggers

This image was shot using the Canon 60D and 18-135mm lens ISO-400 f-stop f/11 Shutter speed 1/100 sec

For those who don't understand camera settings the ISO, F-stop and Shutter speed controls basically the amount of light entering the our lens, the speed at which the lens shutter closes,and how much the aperture of the lens opens You dont have to bother yourself with this. For this particular shot, our aim was to get a shot that captured Sandra personality, the dress and also get a front cover. We obeyed the Golden Triangle rule and made good use of the rule of thirds. Check below for the Final image

This image was shot using the Canon 60D and 18-55mm lens ISO-1000 f-stop f/13 Shutter speed 1/60 sec This was the image of the day, the focal length was as low as 18mm in order to capture both the mast and our beautiful Sandra. You can see above the lying down on the floor involved to come about this shot. View our 2016 End of year Catalogue to see other amazing works from last year.

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