KND MEDIA: please introduce yourself

G.V: I am Gideon Vese, my rap name is G.V. I am a student studying computer science in Redeemer’s University.well I rap, I do hip-hop but I fuse into inspirational stuff sometimes but I don’t have any work out. I come from a blended family with 9 children. My blood dad is late and my step dad is all I have, my mum, 5children from my step dad and 4 from my mum. I am from Delta state and I speak Isoko.

KND MEDIA: Amongst the 9 children are you the only one into music?

G.V: Actually from my mum, we are 4 (2 boys and 2 girls). All 4 of us have music in us; my elder brother introduced me to rap. When I was younger he used to play songs by Jayz and the rest and I got interested in it. He stopped rapping because it wasn’t his calling. My sister; Lydia is into theatre arts, she sings and she raps a little though. And then Esther writes songs. And from my blended family, my eldest sister also sings and she is still in the choir even though she is over 40years old.

KND MEDIA: Why the name G.V?

G.V: I believe in originality, my name used to be ‘DWAYNE’ just because I liked lil wayne so much. My name is Gideon Vese so what’s the point? When I get older I might change the initials G.V to Gideon Vese.

KND MEDIA: when did you start rapping?

G.V: Hmm, if I want to act like every other rapper or musician; I would say I started when I was about 8years old. But no, I would pick it from where it started becoming original and important. I was in year 2 (2014) that’s when I really started rapping.

KND MEDIA: what motivated you to start rapping?

G.V: firstly, I have been writing rap lyrics since I was in js3, even if they were not so deep. I am someone that plays a lot but I am reserved when I want to be, people say I am indigo and you would have to look that up to know what it means. So I spend more time with myself and I think about stuff so I get inspired to write them down. Music has been what I have been listening to since I was young so everything just happened like it was meant to be. Not that I went to school for rap or something and I enjoy it.

KND MEDIA: how do you get your inspiration? Do you have to go out at night with your headphones blasting?

G.V: Good music, silence. I have tried going out at night, I write but then it doesn’t really work especially when you are in a place like this where there’s usually no light at night. I actually get my inspiration everywhere and that’s one bad thing about me. As I grew in rap I get inspiration while in class so that reduces my level of concentration with my education and it has reduced my grades. But then I won’t blame music because I love her. Basically, the inspiration comes anytime. Especially when I have a beat to work on it’s usually like a reminder.

KND MEDIA: What kind of message do you try to pass across to your listeners?

G.V: basically, I have an issue right now with my music; all my guys know I deal with the deep aspect of life. I like talking about what life is. I was trying on working on a mix tape; I did 17songs back in year2. And if you listen to it you know its different form my new songs ‘RUN IT’ and ‘MY NEW GAME’, because I spent time talking about life and what love is. Basically what everyone has heard from me is running the game. If you listen to ‘MY NEW GAME’ I was talking about my lyrical power and ‘RUN IT’ was about stuff with power and all. If I want to talk about my true self I am a sensitive person that’s in touch with my feelings. I am not like Drake, wait what exactly was the question again? *knd media respondent repeats the question* Just living good life, enjoy yourself really but my message is basically about me right now because I am upcoming and I haven’t seen everything but then one thing you would always hear from me every time even if it’s a line or a word; is love. I have good messages wait until you learn my new collection.

KND MEDIA: What has been your greatest challenge so far in music?

G.V: Being able to fuse my talent into the world of today; Being able to pass my music across to every kind of listener and go commercial. That’s like one of the biggest challenges. Then funds because to start a new thing in Nigeria you need funds to burst peoples head starting from what they see with videos, pictures and all. But basically being able to fuse my talent into the world of today.

KND MEDIA: How do you balance music and school?

G.V: I am very bad at that. Like I earlier said; I get inspired to write during lectures and once it starts it never stops. Every night even if I have a test to prepare for I still stay in the studio all night, wake up around 6am just to finish what I had started the day before. So it’s been hard balancing the two. It takes time management, but I don’t know how to balance time or money. It’s been challenging and I really don’t know how to do it.

KND MEDIA: Do your parents support your music?

G.V: My family knows I rap because I performed at my high school graduation and they were all there. Probably my blended family doesn’t know that’s what I want to do but my blood family knows that is what I want to do. Even though my mum tells me to face where I am right now and then I can come out and do whatever I want to do.

KND MEDIA: Any RUN artiste you are definitely collaborating with soon?

G.V: I have already collaborated with the one I want to collaborate with; Damayo, TrepDee. I want to work with KidNurty and some other guys. But it depends on our connection and mobility.

KND MEDIA: Who do you look up to in the music industry?

G.V: I look up to myself in Nigeria because I feel I am going to be different. Looking outside Nigeria, I really like JCole and Kendrick Lamar to a very large extent. Lil Wayne used to be my best but some part of his life I don’t really like.

KND MEDIA: You are fashionable in the corporate setting, how do you do it?

G.V:I don’t use men’s diaries and all, I just go into a good store and get stuff that would fit me. Basically my sisters are good looking so that’s just it. Black is my best color but I don’t really wear black in school because of the sun here. I just do my best at it and people appreciate it.

KND MEDIA: What should your fans be expecting in the nearest future?

G.V: I have been depressed recently because I don’t know where to go now because I am in final year and won’t be doing music for a while till I graduate. But then music is telling me not to leave her alone and to drop something for them so I am working on 3 different projects right now. If I finish recording 1 this year I would drop it. And then my fans won’t hear from me again for a while. Probably I would have to start looking for another fan base if people forget about me. ‘TRIBUTE TO SELF’ is one of them and I don’t have a name for the other ones yet. ‘TRIBUTE TO SELF’ is talking about me basically.

KND MEDIA: Are you in a relationship or are you single right now?

G.V: I am in a relationship and my babe is in Babcock University and that’s all I am telling you. She is very dear to my heart, she is ME. And she inspires my music but I am not telling you anything more.(laughs)

KNDMEDIA: (laughs) At least you can give us her name


KND MEDIA: well then that’s the end of our interview, what would you like to say to the people?

G.V: live your life and let things that matter rule you, don’t let vanity rule you.

NOTE: at the time this interview was uploaded GV’s new hit single “TRIBUTE TO SELF” had already been released click here to check it out

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