Black Heritage

This is one of the pictures that was taken on our campaign with University of Port-Harcourt #KndMeets Uniport, you can download the Catalogue here.

So, Looking at the Before and After of the picture, you would notice that the colours of the model and the environment was brightened to represent Our Black Heritage. The Lady represents Ebony, Africa and the Tree and environment represents our Roots, our Heritage and where we come from.

The Preview shows our Past and the After shows the Journey and Present (what we want).

Looking back, you remember where you come from and remember your People, Ancestors, Culture and Childhood.

Looking at the Present, where you are, you know you've gone far (not where you are now)and you know you are going beyond, where your Future Lies.

Never forget where you are coming from, your Heritage and let it not hinder you from what you want.

New Art in Storytelling...

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